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Magic happens when you step outside of your comfort zone.

When you step out of your comfort zone you can move mountains you never knew you even had to move in the first place. Serendipitous encounters and events can seriously change your life, but you have to take the first step …..jumping out of that comfort zone! I know, I know. It’s a happy, squishy place filled with exactly what it’s named for: comfort. I seriously do get how terrifying it is. It feels unsafe, tough, and just plain scary! However, it tends to be the key to success. Not only in business but also in your personal life.

Well, what happens when you step outside of your comfort zone finally? I’m so glad you asked. Check it out 🙂

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You’ll be more productive. Comfort kills productivity. 

Being comfortable usually will stop us from chasing our dreams. Pushing personal boundaries can really help you get more done. It can help you feel more ambitious and give you the drive to learn new things.

You’ll be more adaptable to change.

Harvard Professor Brené Brown shares that if you challenge yourself to do things you normally wouldn’t, you can prime your body to be able to handle changes better. You actually don’t really know what you’re made of unless and until you venture outside familiarity. I totally get this and I can relate! You just don’t know what you’re capable of until you try. If you need to, try to step out of your comfort zone little by little. Build it up. Then change will seem like the easiest thing ever! I promise!

You’ll become more creative.

When you go after new experiences, learn new skills and open new doors for your life, you become inspired. That inspiration will start to help you flourish and grow in creativity. Use that spark of extra creativity to grow whatever it is you’re working on. Write a book, write a blog, grow your business, paint a portrait, or whatever it is! Use it to do something to progress your personal development. Trust me, you’ll grow even if you never thought you would.

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Next time we’ll talk about WHY you should step outside of your comfort zone and HOW to do it. This was all about what happens when you actually do it. Magical, huh? Totally is! Do you want these amazing things to happen to you too? Then stay tuned for next time. I’ve got your back on the steps to take!

With love and magic,


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I bought an expensive planner….now what? Planning tips to save your sanity and stay on task!

Hey Unicorn Kisses Tribe!

I’ve had some requests to talk about how I personally plan my day to day and how I use my planner effectively since I’m now the busiest I’ve ever been in my life. Which I’m so happy about it, no complaints here! I work my main job at a dental practice from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday, I have my makeup business, I blog, train my team, I work on motivating and coaching people, etc. It can get crazy but I LOVE it. I love my Tribe and everything is so worth it. ❤ Here’s some tips to stay organized and use your planner as proficiently as possible.

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Make your to-do list, pronto! 

Y’all this is HUGE. Write down your to-do list. Studies have proven that writing it down will not only help you remember it, but also help you destress by getting it out of your brain! Get your tasks down on paper daily, weekly, and monthly.  Use that beautiful planner you wanted so badly! It makes a world of difference.

Rank and post that to-do list.

After you’ve made your to-do list, prioritize it! Rank it from the most important to the least important. Also, another inside tip…make sure your handwriting is legible. It’s been proven that when you can read what you wrote really well, it will keep the stress of a to-do list down. Clutter=stress. Also, Did you know that bigger fonts can motivate you to complete the task quicker than smaller fonts? That’s right! It tricks your brain into thinking it’s not quite as scary because it’s not tiny writing like an exam would be written, for example. Now post your to-do list somewhere you see it so you don’t forget that you have goals that you need to complete. If you see it, you’ll remember it. Post it on a calendar, in your planner (and remember to look at it), cell phone, etc. Get creative!

Write detailed notes about what’s on your list.

This is perfect for people who have a hard time remembering what their to-do list even means. Under the tasks for the day, write out what they mean. What materials do you need to complete the task? Who is involved (like the name of someone to meet if it’s a meeting)? When do you need to complete this task by? This will, again, keep your brain from feeling fried! No one likes fried brains! Well…maybe fancy zombies do?

Set realistic due dates.

Don’t overwhelm yourself.  Set your deadlines for a timely manner but DO NOT set yourself up for failure. Don’t try to rush yourself to get everything done quicker. Take time on the task to do it correctly. Don’t stress yourself out!!

If it’s not working for you, change it!

If something in your routine for planning and staying focused doesn’t seem to be working for you then change it up! Reset and refocus. Productivity tools and routines that work for some may not work for others and that’s ok! You don’t have to do what everyone else does if it doesn’t seem to be helping you. Get creative. Read blogs for tips, check out Pinterest, etc. In order for this to work for you, it needs to fit you perfectly.

Use those stickers.

I know, I know. It seems silly. Planners now come with stickers like we’re 5 year olds but who cares? It works and it helps to bump up your happiness level. It’s so fun too! If they don’t come with the planner then grab some separately at the store. When you see a colorful, happy sticker on your calendar, you know there’s something you need to do but it makes it fun and tricks your brain into thinking that planning IS exciting after all! So you’ll lean towards doing it more often. My favorite come from Etsy by Denise Albright Studio. They’re super cute, very practical, fun, and set at great price!  Check out the link here >>Denise Albright Studio via Etsy

Schedule yourself some breaks!

Running around to complete all of these tasks can be exhausting. Remember, you’re a person….not a machine. By all means, complete your tasks. That’s the whole point here but do take notice that breaks are extremely important. Take some time to stop thinking about everything you need to do. You have to relax your brain and this will allow you to refocus. I can’t stress enough how important resting is. Please don’t forget your self-care.

Add inspirational quotes in your planner to stay motivated.

Sometimes planners come with them already but if yours didn’t, then add your own. I like to add quotes that keep me going during the day and week. Add some you like that make sense to your life. Read them and live them.

Try brightening up your planner with Washi tape, bright highlighters, and pens!

Again, it’s a brain thing! Bright colors make you happy and when you associate planning with happiness, you’ll do it more often and more effectively. It turns into an enjoyable task rather than one that gets on your nerves. You don’t have to spend tons of money or go all out. Just add a little happy to it 😉

Check completed tasks off!

There’s just something so satisfying about checking a completed task off of a list. Use that satisfying feeling to your advantage. You’ve finished your task and hit your goal….hooray!!  As soon as you complete a task, big or small, check it off!! Be done and keep moving forward.

Be consistent.

You’ll get absolutely no where with your planner/to-do list if you work on it one day then you ignore it for a week then pick it back up for 2 hours. Be consistent. Consistency goes hand in hand with success. Take time out of your day to complete your tasks at hand and achieve greatness! 🙂

Alright Unicorns, what about you? What are your best and most helpful planning tips? Which planner is the best in your opinion?

I’d love to hear from the Tribe!

With Love and Magic,



8 Tips to Help You Feel More Confident

Confidence a: a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or of reliance on one’s circumstances had perfect confidence in her ability to succeed met the risk with brash confidence

b: faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper, or effective way have confidence in a leader

That’s exactly how Merriam-Webster defines confidence and they’re pretty much the experts. I’m almost positive they’ve got it right but I want to know how do YOU define confidence? Is it by wearing makeup no one else will? What about wearing a dress that’s really bold? Taking a stand on something really important? Being daring enough to start a business? Whatever it is, here’s a few ways I stay confident. I hope it helps you in your daily life as well!

Fix your posture

and where she stood she stood tall

Stand up straight, shoulders back, show them who’s boss! That’s right! It’s scientifically proven that a tall, expansive posture can really make you feel more powerful and improve your confidence. I catch myself slouching sometimes and when I do, it’s right back to confident posture time!

Remember the last time you felt confident and powerful


So, memories are pretty legit! Studies show that remembering a time when you genuinely felt strong will give you a huge confidence boost! Which will then put you in full throttle to feel this way again. I have so many memories of feeling like a legit boss lady! I pull those from my brain and just like that, I feel much better.

Pick every single outfit wisely

Words to live by:) I am much more productive when I am dressed, made up, and ready to roll!

Remember that old adage that says to “dress for success” if you want to move mountains. It’s true. Researchers have proven that when you feel better in your daily outfit, you’ll emotionally feel better too! I know when I put on my dresses and boots or heels (what I feel good in) instead of my pjs and fuzzy socks, I feel like I can conquer the world!

Groom yourself

You Look Good Poster, Large Poster Printable, Large Printable, Instant Download, Teen Decor, Teen Room, Poster Printable, Bathroom Print by AzzariJarrettDesigns on Etsy

Let’s face it. Feeling better about how you look on the outside can really be a confidence booster for your insides! Do I mean go to the plastic surgeon to look like the “perfect man or woman?” Absolutely not! You’re beautiful and perfect exactly how you are. Grooming yourself the way you like to look is perfect. For example, I know better than to let my hair color grow out. I get gray hairs a lot and I personally don’t feel my best when I know people can see that. So what do I do? Get my hair done like I like it. BAM! 100000% more confident!

Learn a new language or something that sharpens those cognitive skills

Inspirational Education Quotes for College Students

Having skills will always help your confidence. It feels good to know something others don’t OR to know something with them. Also, there’s a ton of confidence in teaching people what you know. I know when I train my SeneGence team, it makes me feel so strong to see that I’m about to teach someone something and help them progress in their lives.

Do things you’re really good at

Stretched Canvas Print: You Rock You Rule by Todd Goldman :

When you put yourself in a situation where you’re doing something you really love, your confidence improves! That’s because you’re in the position to possibly fail. Your brain connects that with what you’re doing. You’ll succeed and there ya go! Instant confidence. For example, I’d never do math in front of people because I’m really terrible at it and know I have maybe a 10% success rate with it haha. I do however think I’m good at makeup SO when I do a clients makeup, I’m confident I’ll succeed!


You are your Thoughts. This could be no be anymore true than it is right now! Postive thoughts = positive life!

Low confidence is always solidified with negative thoughts, and your thoughts will influence your behaviour and decision. Studies show that changing your frame of mine can boost that confidence quick!

To give you a framework to make this work for you here are 3 starter questions;

1. How can I make this work in my favor?

2. What is the benefit that has come from this?

3. What is a more useful way of looking at this?

Now, when your negative thoughts come around confront them with these questions! Your brain is powerful. Redirect it.

Breathe and take control

☝☝☝☝ oh yes yes yes!!

Regroup, regroup, regroup! Don’t let fear and anxiety overtake your thoughts. This almost always leads to low confidence and stress. When you’re feeling this way take a few deep breaths. Clear your mind. Now visualize how the situation would go if you’re taking control instead. This is such a great coping skill that I practice it daily. Sure, I still have anxiety and stress BUT it’s a million times easier with this exercise. I seriously do this throughout my day, anytime I need it. Just try it!

To conclude, keep all of these tips in mind to combat low confidence. You deserve to be the most confident version of yourself because you are an astonishing human being. Go out there, perk yourself up, show everyone what you’ve got, and reach your dreams. You can do anything you want, Tribe. I promise. I’m always here to help so contact me!

With Love and Magic,




10 Tips to Pump Up Your Motivation.

Lacking motivation? I’ve got you totally covered, Tribe. Sometimes it’s tough and you DO get into a funk. Trust me, I’ve been there…many times! Just remember, lack of motivation is no reason to stop or give up. Keep going. Use these tips to help put a little pep in your motivational step! 😉


  • Set serious, meaningful goals.

Let’s be real. You cannot and will not reach a single goal in life unless you really want it. Be sure your goal is just that, YOURS. No one else’s! If it’s someone else’s goal for you then your heart will be no where in it. Do it for you. Not others. The overwhelming desire for your goal is what will keep you motivated to hit it. Trust your gut. You’ll know when you’ve found what you truly want.

  • Develop your why.

Why are you headed towards your goal? Does it make sense in your life? Would the result of you achieving it change your life for the better? Does it challenge you to be better? Does it challenge you at all? These are the questions I always ask myself before I create a why for anything I do. These questions keep my free spirited brain grounded. You ARE allowed to change your why at any point to make it fit your goal correctly as well. You’ll know it when you find it. Just be sure to figure it out.

  • Plan, plan, plan it out! Stay (or get lol) organized.

I’m the queen of being organized. Lets just say that office supplies make me a lot happier than the average bear….but you know what? It works. Being clutter free and organized can seriously help you stay motivated. When you look at a tangible space that is cluttered it will overwhelm you and you don’t need that craziness in your life. Clean yo space! Organize yo life!

  • Establish your daily routine.

Routine is EVERYTHING. Listen. If you don’t remember a thing from me except for this, then I have succeeded! A daily routine keeps you grounded, motivated, and on track to succeed. Of course being spontaneous and having a random fun time is great too. Don’t lose your free-spirit if you already have one (I do) but remember that a routine will keep you in line with crushing those goals!

  • Make short term goals as well as your long time goals.

Short term goals are just as important as long term goals. Your short term successes will keep you motivated to hit the larger goals. It can literally be ANYTHING you desire. For example, one of my short term goals as of now is to lose 20 pounds. Not only to look better but to feel better. My reward? It’ll be a new dress to strut around in! My long term goals? I have so many. One is to be a successful blogger and motivator. To help you all achieve your hopes and dreams. That’s my dream. 🙂  Don’t forget to reward yourselves when you hit your goals. Reward yourself with something good to motivate you to keep working towards every goal!

  • Find inspiration, on a daily basis.

Find your inspiration!! Then keep doing that. You seriously will never know where you’ll find your next bit of inspiration so look everywhere! Finding new information and people to inspire you will keep your mind set towards getting where you need to be. Try to look for inspo on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, at work, at school, at home, watching a TV show, reading a book, your friends and family, etc. There’s tons of options out there.

  • Surround yourself with a winning group of people.

Ok so this one is HUGE. Remember that saying, “You are the company you keep” yeah, it’s real. Make your social circle a goal driven group. Find friends that lift you up and push you to achieve (even when you don’t want to do it anymore) every single big and small goal. For example, I’m so grateful for my amazing circle of SeneSisters. They keep me going even when I want to quit. Also my Tribe keeps me kicking butt. I keep going because of you all. Definitely find your group and stick with them. Don’t have one but need one? Then join mine. Join my SeneGence team! If you’re not interested in that, that’s totally OK!! Join my Unicorn Kisses Tribe on here or contact me directly. I’ll be your person! I want you to have someone to keep you in gear. Whether it’s in person or virtually. Find your Tribe!

  • Make your goal public.

Tell people!! Tell them all about you short term and long term goals. Put it out into the universe so you’ll be held accountable. I know, it sounds crazy. I get it but seriously it does help. You’d be surprised at how many people will not let you forget what you are working towards. Tell every soul you meet! Tell them ALL!

  • Plot your progress

This is a big one for me too. I’m a visual leaner so if I can see it, I can achieve it. It motivates the heck out of me to see a jar fill up, a poster board get more squiggles, a binder fill to its fullest, etc. If I can see where I am quickly and efficiently then I’ll hit that home run every day! Just try it and stop rolling your eyes, it helps haha! I swear! Make a dream board if you so wish to. I LOVE those.

  • Believe in yourself and imagine success.

Corny. Cheesy. I get it….but listen! Just for a few more minutes. Believe in yourself, be positive, and imagine how it will look to succeed. Those beautiful visions will motivate you all day long. Envision yourself exactly where you want to be! You can do it.


That’s my tips for today, Tribe! Staying motivated is they key to success. Be confident, strong, and motivated like I know you all are. Remember that your small goals, large goals, dreams, and hopes are incredibly important. Stay focused. Stay determined. You’ve got this! You deserve happiness and greatness. Love you all a ton! ❤️

With love and magic,

-🦄💋Megan img_1985


Own your life and dreams. Stop letting yourself be destroyed because you CAN!

As I sit here thinking in my tiny home office, rocking back and forth in my SeneBlue chair, a word pops in my head. Failure. Then another word that’s pretty closely related. Self-destruction. I’m going through tons of business supplies and mock business ideas buried in my desk drawers to clear out some clutter. Our brains work better clutter-free…haha ok, maybe not everyone’s, but mine does at least. Many of these were beautiful ideas that didn’t turn out quite as beautiful as I imagined them, so I dumped them. Some of them were beautiful ideas that may have gone somewhere but I let people’s opinions ruin them for me (the old me).  I think about how I’ve been told “No” or “You can’t” or my very favorite, “You won’t.” Why do people say that to each other? Even worse, why do we believe it? Do we secretly not believe in ourselves anyway and their opinion is our easy way out?  It really makes you wonder what’s going on in society that says it’s fine to destroy someone’s dreams. It’s fine to have our confidence lowered and send us straight into self-destruction until we have totally destroyed ourselves. Well guess what? It’s not fine.

Giving up and accepting failure is the “norm” for a lot of us. Why have we let that become our own personal reality? Opinions from people that are just like you and me. Nothing makes them better than you or vice versa. Your dreams are your own so think of the biggest dream you’ve ever thought of and run towards it. Now take that dream and make it bigger!! That’s it!! Take whatever you’re now thinking of and go all in with confidence. Go all in and stay in! No one gets to determine your success except you. Don’t let anyone ruin that for you but most importantly, don’t ruin it for yourself.

Stay in your own magic and grow your life how YOU want to. Do it for you. Achieve your dreams and your goals because dang it, they matter!  Life is way too short to be afraid to achieve. Wake up and go for it. Work for it. Do it right now!

Honestly, I’m grateful for the people that tried to ruin my ideas and dreams. It made me stronger and gave me a chance to recapture the beautiful things I want for my future. It helped me believe in myself. I’m a different person than I once was. Nothing is standing in my way now. NOTHING. Sure, I’ll have some ideas that won’t work out but I’ll also have some that will. I’d rather know than wonder what could have been. I want that for you as well. I want you all to thrive and be the best you can be. You deserve it. Let’s make it happen together! I will always believe in all of your good, bad, crazy, cute, beautiful, messy, genius ideas.

Remember if you need any motivation/confidence, someone to talk ideas with, questions on what to do next, or you just need someone to talk to….I’m here.  Love you tons, Tribe! Remember, you can do anything you want to do!

With love and magic,



Who Do You Think You Are?


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I’m sure if you’re reading my blog then you’re probably one of my Tribe members already. Thank you for that support! You rock! If you’re not in my Tribe yet then I’d bet that you’d like to know who I even am. I’m ok with that. Odds are you found me randomly and I’m VERY ok with that too! I love gaining new friends and meeting people from all over the world that are from all walks of life. I would love for everyone in the world to know me one day. Dream big, huh? But hey, that’s what dreams are. The bigger the better! Here’s a few bits of info about me that you may like to know. I can’t wait to get to know everyone else as well. Please don’t hesitate to chat me up!

  1. I’m a creative at heart. I started this blog as a creative outlet for my dreams.
  2. I love connecting with people. All kinds of people. I have the biggest heart for you all hence why I’ve started calling you all my Unicorn Kisses Tribe. I hold the term “Tribe” close to my heart because it means you’re my people. I love you all, truly. Very Much.
  3. I started my journey as a SeneGence distributor. I’m still a VERY active distributor (holla atcha girl if you’d like some AMAZING makeup/skincare products or you’d like a life changing career!) but I am by no means a pushy person. That’s not my personality so no worries. SeneGence has opened an insane amount of doors for me, including blogging. I had no idea this was what I wanted in life until this amazing company told me I could be anything I wanted to be.
  4. Lifestyle blogging, motivating people to reach their fullest potential, and loving on people is my passion. It truly makes my heart beat it’s strongest beats.
  5. I’m also a makeup artist through SeneGence. I’ve always loved makeup to the highest degree so keep following me here and there will be plenty of makeup and beauty content in the future. So maybe I’m a Lifestyle, Motivation, and Beauty blogger? I have no idea yet but that’s definitely where life is taking me and that’s what I’d LOVE to be. I’m pretty pumped to find out.
  6. I already have a following via Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. My next step would be this blog and I’m venturing out to Twitter (yikes!). So follow me everywhere! I’m active on all these platforms and follow you or respond to you best I can. Links are up top on the drop down menu.
  7. I genuinely am SO grateful for all of the love, support, orders, follows, comments, emails, likes, and chit chats. It has meant everything to me. I love you all so much and I can’t say that enough.
  8. I’m just a girl from Louisiana. That’s it! I’m no different than you. That’s why I believe anyone can do anything they set their mind to. I’m here to hopefully help, motivate, entertain, and encourage you. No matter what you’re shooting for…I believe in your dreams just as much as I do my own.
  9. I’m absolutely down to collaborate with anyone who asks. Like I said, let’s help each other. That’s what life should be about.
  10. I’m obviously obsessed with unicorns. I’ve centered my whole business around them. Why? First of all I think they’re beautiful and beautiful things make me happy! Another reason? They’re known for being magical. I believe everyone in my Tribe is so magical and wonderful! 🙂

Well, I guess that’s all for now! We will learn more about each other as time passes. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us all.  Please bear with me as I find my groove with this and learn all about the beautiful blogging community that I’m really happy to be included in! Until next time!

With love and magic,



So….Here we go.

Unicorn Kisses Tribe

Hi! I’m Megan. You’re about to start reading my thoughts. My hopes, my dreams, about my Unicorn Kisses business (the ups, downs, screw ups, and successes), how I had two flat tires last week……you know. Important stuff! I’m just going to blog about my life and journey. The fun, the crazy, the happy, the sad, the inspiring, and oh the Makeup addiction. So much makeup, y’all! See, I’m a Makeup Artist with a vision. I want to not only be a successful entrepreneur for myself but also to teach women how to be the best boss babe they can be for themselves. I’m addicted to spreading confidence and helping you reach your full potential. I want to help you find your passion because you CAN do this. It’s really difficult to get yourself out there but it’s worth it. So are you ready to do life with me, Tribe? I guess we will find out how this turns out together, won’t we? Thanks for reading and being interested so far. I can’t wait to see where life will take us! Let’s rock this happy, crazy life together. 

Love & Magic,