Own your life and dreams. Stop letting yourself be destroyed because you CAN!

As I sit here thinking in my tiny home office, rocking back and forth in my SeneBlue chair, a word pops in my head. Failure. Then another word that’s pretty closely related. Self-destruction. I’m going through tons of business supplies and mock business ideas buried in my desk drawers to clear out some clutter. Our brains work better clutter-free…haha ok, maybe not everyone’s, but mine does at least. Many of these were beautiful ideas that didn’t turn out quite as beautiful as I imagined them, so I dumped them. Some of them were beautiful ideas that may have gone somewhere but I let people’s opinions ruin them for me (the old me).  I think about how I’ve been told “No” or “You can’t” or my very favorite, “You won’t.” Why do people say that to each other? Even worse, why do we believe it? Do we secretly not believe in ourselves anyway and their opinion is our easy way out?  It really makes you wonder what’s going on in society that says it’s fine to destroy someone’s dreams. It’s fine to have our confidence lowered and send us straight into self-destruction until we have totally destroyed ourselves. Well guess what? It’s not fine.

Giving up and accepting failure is the “norm” for a lot of us. Why have we let that become our own personal reality? Opinions from people that are just like you and me. Nothing makes them better than you or vice versa. Your dreams are your own so think of the biggest dream you’ve ever thought of and run towards it. Now take that dream and make it bigger!! That’s it!! Take whatever you’re now thinking of and go all in with confidence. Go all in and stay in! No one gets to determine your success except you. Don’t let anyone ruin that for you but most importantly, don’t ruin it for yourself.

Stay in your own magic and grow your life how YOU want to. Do it for you. Achieve your dreams and your goals because dang it, they matter!  Life is way too short to be afraid to achieve. Wake up and go for it. Work for it. Do it right now!

Honestly, I’m grateful for the people that tried to ruin my ideas and dreams. It made me stronger and gave me a chance to recapture the beautiful things I want for my future. It helped me believe in myself. I’m a different person than I once was. Nothing is standing in my way now. NOTHING. Sure, I’ll have some ideas that won’t work out but I’ll also have some that will. I’d rather know than wonder what could have been. I want that for you as well. I want you all to thrive and be the best you can be. You deserve it. Let’s make it happen together! I will always believe in all of your good, bad, crazy, cute, beautiful, messy, genius ideas.

Remember if you need any motivation/confidence, someone to talk ideas with, questions on what to do next, or you just need someone to talk to….I’m here.  Love you tons, Tribe! Remember, you can do anything you want to do!

With love and magic,



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