10 Tips to Pump Up Your Motivation.

Lacking motivation? I’ve got you totally covered, Tribe. Sometimes it’s tough and you DO get into a funk. Trust me, I’ve been there…many times! Just remember, lack of motivation is no reason to stop or give up. Keep going. Use these tips to help put a little pep in your motivational step! 😉


  • Set serious, meaningful goals.

Let’s be real. You cannot and will not reach a single goal in life unless you really want it. Be sure your goal is just that, YOURS. No one else’s! If it’s someone else’s goal for you then your heart will be no where in it. Do it for you. Not others. The overwhelming desire for your goal is what will keep you motivated to hit it. Trust your gut. You’ll know when you’ve found what you truly want.

  • Develop your why.

Why are you headed towards your goal? Does it make sense in your life? Would the result of you achieving it change your life for the better? Does it challenge you to be better? Does it challenge you at all? These are the questions I always ask myself before I create a why for anything I do. These questions keep my free spirited brain grounded. You ARE allowed to change your why at any point to make it fit your goal correctly as well. You’ll know it when you find it. Just be sure to figure it out.

  • Plan, plan, plan it out! Stay (or get lol) organized.

I’m the queen of being organized. Lets just say that office supplies make me a lot happier than the average bear….but you know what? It works. Being clutter free and organized can seriously help you stay motivated. When you look at a tangible space that is cluttered it will overwhelm you and you don’t need that craziness in your life. Clean yo space! Organize yo life!

  • Establish your daily routine.

Routine is EVERYTHING. Listen. If you don’t remember a thing from me except for this, then I have succeeded! A daily routine keeps you grounded, motivated, and on track to succeed. Of course being spontaneous and having a random fun time is great too. Don’t lose your free-spirit if you already have one (I do) but remember that a routine will keep you in line with crushing those goals!

  • Make short term goals as well as your long time goals.

Short term goals are just as important as long term goals. Your short term successes will keep you motivated to hit the larger goals. It can literally be ANYTHING you desire. For example, one of my short term goals as of now is to lose 20 pounds. Not only to look better but to feel better. My reward? It’ll be a new dress to strut around in! My long term goals? I have so many. One is to be a successful blogger and motivator. To help you all achieve your hopes and dreams. That’s my dream. 🙂  Don’t forget to reward yourselves when you hit your goals. Reward yourself with something good to motivate you to keep working towards every goal!

  • Find inspiration, on a daily basis.

Find your inspiration!! Then keep doing that. You seriously will never know where you’ll find your next bit of inspiration so look everywhere! Finding new information and people to inspire you will keep your mind set towards getting where you need to be. Try to look for inspo on Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, at work, at school, at home, watching a TV show, reading a book, your friends and family, etc. There’s tons of options out there.

  • Surround yourself with a winning group of people.

Ok so this one is HUGE. Remember that saying, “You are the company you keep” yeah, it’s real. Make your social circle a goal driven group. Find friends that lift you up and push you to achieve (even when you don’t want to do it anymore) every single big and small goal. For example, I’m so grateful for my amazing circle of SeneSisters. They keep me going even when I want to quit. Also my Tribe keeps me kicking butt. I keep going because of you all. Definitely find your group and stick with them. Don’t have one but need one? Then join mine. Join my SeneGence team! If you’re not interested in that, that’s totally OK!! Join my Unicorn Kisses Tribe on here or contact me directly. I’ll be your person! I want you to have someone to keep you in gear. Whether it’s in person or virtually. Find your Tribe!

  • Make your goal public.

Tell people!! Tell them all about you short term and long term goals. Put it out into the universe so you’ll be held accountable. I know, it sounds crazy. I get it but seriously it does help. You’d be surprised at how many people will not let you forget what you are working towards. Tell every soul you meet! Tell them ALL!

  • Plot your progress

This is a big one for me too. I’m a visual leaner so if I can see it, I can achieve it. It motivates the heck out of me to see a jar fill up, a poster board get more squiggles, a binder fill to its fullest, etc. If I can see where I am quickly and efficiently then I’ll hit that home run every day! Just try it and stop rolling your eyes, it helps haha! I swear! Make a dream board if you so wish to. I LOVE those.

  • Believe in yourself and imagine success.

Corny. Cheesy. I get it….but listen! Just for a few more minutes. Believe in yourself, be positive, and imagine how it will look to succeed. Those beautiful visions will motivate you all day long. Envision yourself exactly where you want to be! You can do it.


That’s my tips for today, Tribe! Staying motivated is they key to success. Be confident, strong, and motivated like I know you all are. Remember that your small goals, large goals, dreams, and hopes are incredibly important. Stay focused. Stay determined. You’ve got this! You deserve happiness and greatness. Love you all a ton! ❤️

With love and magic,

-🦄💋Megan img_1985


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