8 Tips to Help You Feel More Confident

Confidence a: a feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or of reliance on one’s circumstances had perfect confidence in her ability to succeed met the risk with brash confidence

b: faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper, or effective way have confidence in a leader

That’s exactly how Merriam-Webster defines confidence and they’re pretty much the experts. I’m almost positive they’ve got it right but I want to know how do YOU define confidence? Is it by wearing makeup no one else will? What about wearing a dress that’s really bold? Taking a stand on something really important? Being daring enough to start a business? Whatever it is, here’s a few ways I stay confident. I hope it helps you in your daily life as well!

Fix your posture

and where she stood she stood tall

Stand up straight, shoulders back, show them who’s boss! That’s right! It’s scientifically proven that a tall, expansive posture can really make you feel more powerful and improve your confidence. I catch myself slouching sometimes and when I do, it’s right back to confident posture time!

Remember the last time you felt confident and powerful

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So, memories are pretty legit! Studies show that remembering a time when you genuinely felt strong will give you a huge confidence boost! Which will then put you in full throttle to feel this way again. I have so many memories of feeling like a legit boss lady! I pull those from my brain and just like that, I feel much better.

Pick every single outfit wisely

Words to live by:) I am much more productive when I am dressed, made up, and ready to roll!

Remember that old adage that says to “dress for success” if you want to move mountains. It’s true. Researchers have proven that when you feel better in your daily outfit, you’ll emotionally feel better too! I know when I put on my dresses and boots or heels (what I feel good in) instead of my pjs and fuzzy socks, I feel like I can conquer the world!

Groom yourself

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Let’s face it. Feeling better about how you look on the outside can really be a confidence booster for your insides! Do I mean go to the plastic surgeon to look like the “perfect man or woman?” Absolutely not! You’re beautiful and perfect exactly how you are. Grooming yourself the way you like to look is perfect. For example, I know better than to let my hair color grow out. I get gray hairs a lot and I personally don’t feel my best when I know people can see that. So what do I do? Get my hair done like I like it. BAM! 100000% more confident!

Learn a new language or something that sharpens those cognitive skills

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Having skills will always help your confidence. It feels good to know something others don’t OR to know something with them. Also, there’s a ton of confidence in teaching people what you know. I know when I train my SeneGence team, it makes me feel so strong to see that I’m about to teach someone something and help them progress in their lives.

Do things you’re really good at

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When you put yourself in a situation where you’re doing something you really love, your confidence improves! That’s because you’re in the position to possibly fail. Your brain connects that with what you’re doing. You’ll succeed and there ya go! Instant confidence. For example, I’d never do math in front of people because I’m really terrible at it and know I have maybe a 10% success rate with it haha. I do however think I’m good at makeup SO when I do a clients makeup, I’m confident I’ll succeed!


You are your Thoughts. This could be no be anymore true than it is right now! Postive thoughts = positive life!

Low confidence is always solidified with negative thoughts, and your thoughts will influence your behaviour and decision. Studies show that changing your frame of mine can boost that confidence quick!

To give you a framework to make this work for you here are 3 starter questions;

1. How can I make this work in my favor?

2. What is the benefit that has come from this?

3. What is a more useful way of looking at this?

Now, when your negative thoughts come around confront them with these questions! Your brain is powerful. Redirect it.

Breathe and take control

☝☝☝☝ oh yes yes yes!!

Regroup, regroup, regroup! Don’t let fear and anxiety overtake your thoughts. This almost always leads to low confidence and stress. When you’re feeling this way take a few deep breaths. Clear your mind. Now visualize how the situation would go if you’re taking control instead. This is such a great coping skill that I practice it daily. Sure, I still have anxiety and stress BUT it’s a million times easier with this exercise. I seriously do this throughout my day, anytime I need it. Just try it!

To conclude, keep all of these tips in mind to combat low confidence. You deserve to be the most confident version of yourself because you are an astonishing human being. Go out there, perk yourself up, show everyone what you’ve got, and reach your dreams. You can do anything you want, Tribe. I promise. I’m always here to help so contact me!

With Love and Magic,




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