Why I decided to Broaden My Horizons with SFX.

Hey Tribe!

Sadly, It’s been a little minute since the last time we talked. I have been awfully sick with a sinus infection….hello miserable week, right? They’re so terrible. If you get these often like I do, then I really feel for you. I really, really do! Anyways, I wanted to update everyone on what I’ve been doing. So, here we go!

My life as a makeup artist has been everything to me. I have thoroughly enjoyed beauty makeup. I will always, ALWAYS be a beauty makeup artist/lover. That will never, ever change. However, I have found myself completely captivated by special effects makeup. SFX makeup has always been something I loved but I always thought, “No, not me. I can’t do that. There’s no way!” Then the encouraging side of my brain pops in with, “What if you CAN?! What if it’s your niche and you’re too afraid to try? What if you love it? What if you find yourself expanding your skills this way?” ….you know what….encouraging brain is right. I don’t want to have any “what ifs” in my life. That’s not an ok way to live. Who knows, maybe I absolutely suck at it, but what if I don’t? What if it’s my thing? Time will tell I guess!

So here we are. I’ve thrown myself into learning SFX makeup and you know what, I actually really DO love it. 🙂 I’m learning from anyone and everyone I can, I’ve signed up for the Stan Winston school, looked up tools of the trade, researched artists, etc. I never knew I was this hungry for something like this. I do actually have an artistic background but I never did anything with it because I fell in love with makeup. Now, maybe I can have both? Who knows where this will take me but I’m excited to find out.

This will be a short and sweet post for now. I’m hoping some bloggers have tips for me that already do special effects makeup. I’d LOVE to hear your tips, tricks, favorite tools, favorite artists, and favorite brands. I want to learn everything you all know!

P.S. Below are pictures of my very first works. They are BEGINNER and brand new. So they aren’t anywhere near perfect but I’m proud to at least try them.

Talk again VERY soon and expect progress photos!

With love and magic,



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