Meet Megan
Hi! I’m Megan and I do a lot of things! Haha. I love every crazy second of it. I’m a certified makeup and SFX artist. I graduated from School under the wing of my mentor Nathan Johnson (Project Runway’s makeup artist as well as many celebrities including Alicia Keys! 😯). It was amazing and I’m so blessed to have experienced that! ❤️ I believe in girl power, motivation, entrepreneurship, reaching goals, podcasting, being the creepy but cute girl, doing SFX makeup and beauty makeup, reviewing said makeup, unicorns as spirit animals, happy faces, helping others succeed, influencing for businesses, being fully alive at raves and festivals, kitty cat hugs and puppy dog kisses, writing, and never giving up! I also sell really cool products and pretty things on here as my discount Unicorn Kisses Tribe Boutique. I try to give you the lowest price possible there. I have a true crime podcast called Memento Mori and I love every minute of it. That site is if you’d like to check it out! Please reach out with any questions, comments, to chat about boutique items, to book an appt for makeup, talk about true crime, or just to say hi! I look forward to meeting you, Unicorns! Thank you for your support. It means everything to me! Love you all so much! PS Email me here if you want to collab with my podcast, [email protected] 🖤 If you want to work with me to be an influencer for your business, collab with me, makeup chat, boutique collabs, etc. Then please reach me here, [email protected] 🦄 Thank you 😘❤️
💋Certified MUA & SFX 🖤Influencer|Reviewer 🎙Podcast Host @ Memento Mori Podcast 🛍 Shop cool stuff now! Link in Bio 🦄Queen Unicorn|🦇Witchy Vibes|🔪True Crime